"मिलेर फालौँ भ्रष्टाचारको जालो : सुशासन प्रवर्द्धनमा गरौँ हातेमालो"

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    Infrastructure and service facilities, clean and beautiful cities and settlements

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Ministry of Urban Development


The Ministry of Urban Development is a policy-making body at the central level. Established as per the decision of the Government of Nepal dated 2069.02.05 B.S. and reorganized as per the Government decision (the Council of Ministers dated 2074.12.14 B.S.) with the current responsibilities of urban development, housing and building construction.

Long-Term Vision

Managed, clean and beautiful cities and settlements with infrastructure and services


  • To develop managed, clean, and beautiful cities and settlements with infrastructure and services,
  • Providing safe and affordable housing for all, and
  • To build safe, facilitated and attractive buildings
Dhan Bahadur Budha
Hon'ble Minister for Urban Development
Maniram Gelal
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Binu Bajracharya Kunwar
Binu Bajracharya Kunwar
Joint Secretary

Tel.: 4211560

Mobile: 9851338908

Email: info@moud.gov.np

Information Officer

Suman Salike
Suman Salike

Mobile: 9851338904

Email: info@moud.gov.np

Grievance Handling Officer

Ram Dutta Bhatt
Ram Dutta Bhatt
Under Secretary

Tel.: 4200004

Mobile: 9856081112

Gender/Youth/Sports Focal Person

Kamal Adhikari
Kamal Adhikari
Senior Sociologist

Mobile: 9851138502

Email: kamal.shivapur@gmail.com

Climate Change And Disaster Management Focal Person

Sudeep Acharya
Sudeep Acharya
under Ministry

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